Hong Kong 2015
Mizuma Art Gallery
Oil on canvas
162.0 x 97.0 (cm)
63.8 x 38.2 (inch)
I am currently producing both works on paper and oil paintings. In terms of form, working on paper suits me better: with pencil, crayon or watercolour I feel like I can directly evoke on the paper the exact image I wish to depict. By contrast, working with oil enforces a sense of tension, like being ‘on one’s best behaviour’.  The only things with the ability to directly evoke are the canvas and the paint. In a manner of speaking, the image represented is entirely spilled forth from within my hand.  I cannot know what my hand is going to depict.  However, both these ways of working elicit a response in me that is close to the meaning of the artist’s – or, in fact, the human – life. Passing beyond mere likes or dislikes, I can think and become aware of the consistencies between man and this world: it is at once sad and strangely funny.