Sky View Tower, 2015

Hong Kong 2015
Mizuma Art Gallery
Oil on canvas
210.0 x 140.0 (cm)
82.7 x 55.1 (inch)
"The highest mountain of the Dongshan chain is called Ling mountain, and its peak is known as Dayin, which overlooks the whole Xiangjiang River Valley. A temple is located on the peak in the shape of a human head, wearing a gorgeous hat that radiates brilliant light. Its nose looks like a jumping horse. Its eyes look like the Goddess of Mercy, whose one thousand hands protect all living creatures and one thousand eyes view the world. Its mouth looks like a stage, from where comes a ballad-like sound. Large amounts of water flow out from its "throat" to the sea in the east. A strange fish lives in the water and can be eaten to treat stomach problems. On the mountain, trees and grass flourish, various beasts walk and various birds hover..." -- History of Zhuning State