H.H.H.A. (The Home, Hotels, Hideyoshi, Away), 2011

Hong Kong 2015
Mujin-to Production
The performance series “H.H.H.A.” took place in Osaka where unemployment rate is comparatively high in Japan. The structures created for the series were modeled on rooms of the project assistants who were temporarily employed by the Osaka government as part of social support for the unemployed. Some of the assistants were the so-called “NEET,” abbreviation for the “Not in Education, Employment, or Training,” who could not get outsides of their homes. The Great East Japan Earthquake hit Japan the day before the 2nd performance in Osaka. Things were rapidly and dramatically changing throughout this incident, and the performance to pull down the structure modeled on a house brought up some discussions, and after all, the event got canceled for that day. However, on the following day, Kato announced to alter the action from “pulling the structure down” to “pulling it up” and executed the performance completing without making any crashing sound.