F.F.H. (Fukagawa, Future, Humanity), 2011

Hong Kong 2015
Mujin-to Production
Video, lambda print
65.0 x 130.0 (cm)
25.6 x 51.2 (inch)
Tsubasa Kato F.F.H. (Fukagawa, Future, Humanity), 2011 Lambda print Created a wooden structure covered by mirror sheets, with exactly the same size as the gallery Kato was having his solo exhibition, and gathered many people in a park near the gallery and pulled it up with those participants using ropes.  In Kato’s usual process of doing an exhibition, he measures all the arrangement of the venue of the exhibition, and attempts to make the space accessible to the viewers to get engaged with the artwork better. What he did at the exhibition was an unique act of reconstruction, aiming to observe the space rather from the outside than inside, paying detail attention to the fact that gallery space creates the border between the audience and the work. The only rule and the purpose there, to pull a gallery shaped wooden structure emerged outdoors, puts all the surrounding people into a role as cooperators/participants while bringing peculiar relationship between the work and them.