Blind, 2007

Pi Artworks
Performance Documentation, 7 minutes, Edition: 3/5 + 2 A.P
Nezaket Ekici Blind, 2007 Performance Documentation, 7 minutes, Edition: 3/5 + 2 A.P Video stills, 50 x 67 cm, lambda print on alubond Edition: 1/5 + 2 A.P This performance is based on Max Ernst's painting Saint Cecilia – The Invisible Piano from 1923 (Staatsgalerie Stuttgart Collection). According to legend, Cecilia was condemned to be taken to a hot bath by the 3rd century Roman prefect Turcius Almachius because she had illegally converted men to Christianity, however she escaped this punishment unscathed. Nezaket Ekici presents herself as 'imprisoned' in a similar fashion in her performance. Except for her arms, she is entirely encased in a plaster sarcophagus, which is a cast of her body. The only air that she has to breath comes from the openings for her arms. She holds a hammer and a chisel in her hands in order to blindly free herself from this prison. Presented Live Performance at:  Lange Nacht der Museen, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart 2007 Other Presented places: Arco 08, Art Fair, Madrid 2008 Camera by: Andreas Dammertz Edited by: Nezaket Ekici Assistant: Janusz Debinski