Emotion in Motion, Milan, 2002

Hong Kong 2015
Pi Artworks
Performance documentation
Nezaket Ekici Emotion in Motion, Milan, 2002 Performance documentation 4.15 minutes Edition: 4/10 An empty gallery space is decorated with a selection of the artists personal belongings and furniture, thus transforming it into a quasi-private living space. She then commences to cover the entire space, including the walls and furniture, with kisses for a duration of up to three days. Her red lipstick leaves traces of her mouth everywhere, so that eventually the entire space is covered with a network of kissed kisses. During this time, the space is open to visitors who can follow the progress of the performance. Beyond that, the entire performance is recorded. This recording can be seen along with the traces of the performance during the exhibition of the installation.   Duration of the Performance: 3 Days Presented Performance  Live at:  Solo Exhibition, Nezaket Ekici. Galeria Valeria Belvedere, Milan, 2002 Camera by: Francesca Santagata, Raoul Gazza Edited by: Careoff Photo by Roberto Marossi Other places presented Live: Munich 2000, Basel 2000, Dublin 2001, Aleppo 2003, Bern 2005, Düsseldorf 2006, London2013/14,