Dessin Global, 2015

Hong Kong 2015
Galeria Plan B
Image in progress
Achraf Touloub Dessin Global, 2015 Image in progress Achraf Touloub’s (b. 1986 in Casablanca) practice teases out the complicity between the technological society and the symbolic power of tradition, investing both with equal systemic capacities to shape the global world. The proposition articulated in his drawings, sculptures and video work is that the conventional binary opposition between tradition and the modern mind is, in fact, a movement of convergence.   Dessin Global approaches different registers of image-making through a fluid notion of drawing – from a two-dimensional image to a volumetric embodiment of drawn lines. Connecting these gestures and representations is water – the medium where the image appears, reflected or magnified, allowing for speculation on different forms and meanings of immersion.