TOA Lighting, 2011

Hong Kong 2015
Project Fulfill Art Space
Mixed Media
3 Lighting equipment, acrylic box, document, painting
Chou Yu-Cheng TOA Lighting, 2011 3 Lighting equipment Each: 120 x 8 x 8 cm TOA Lighting was a solo exhibition project conceived by Chou Yu-Cheng for a private art museum in Taiwan. He noticed some flaws in the lighting scheme of this museum, and planned to acquire a new set of lighting equipment for the museum by virtue of an art project. Chou therefore submitted a proposal to the China Electric Manufacturing Corporation that is famous in Taiwan for its leading brand of luminaire, TOA. With the proposal, Chou expected to convince the corporation to sponsor the exhibition for lighting equipment that would be integrated into the lighting scheme of the museum after the end of the exhibition. In the meantime, Chou painted a large-scale picture of the exhibition venue and exhibited the picture (entitled as Hong-gah Museum) at an art gallery. The proposal, transformation, and feedback in this project not only demonstrated Chou’s great flexibility in art institutions, but also yielded considerable benefits such as corporate marketing, equipment acquiring, and potential art trade. Later, with the grant from the National Culture and Arts Foundation, Chou purchased the same amount of TOA lighting equipment as that displayed in the exhibition, treating it as the document of this project