TEMCO, 2012

Hong Kong 2015
Project Fulfill Art Space
Mixed Media
Contract, acrylic on canvas, transparent tube, wood
Chou Yu-Cheng TEMCO, 2012 Contract, acrylic on canvas, transparent tube, wood 198 x 9 x 9 cm  Through this project of cultural exchange, Chou Yu-Cheng expected to help local corporations and art institutions stretch their imagination, just as what he used to do in previous projects that mediated and fostered creative collaborations. By virtue of the one-year project TEMCO, Chou successfully convinced the Thai paint manufacturer TEMCO to sponsor Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) for the paint that the center required. Besides, the local art magazine Art4D carried two advertisements for this project, and thereby promoted the public image of TEMCO. In addition to the written agreement reached by TEMCO, BACC, Art4D, and the artist, Chou adopted the pattern on the traditional bag, a gift given by one of his Thai friends, as the symbol of both the exhibition and the project. He also painted the symbol on the canvases in and the walls of the exhibition venue.