Untitled (to vault over the bock), 1979

Hong Kong 2015
Galerie Hubert Winter
Work on Paper
Pencil, colored pencil, heightened white on handmade paper
62.0 x 81.0 (cm)
24.4 x 31.9 (inch)
Birgit Jürgenssen (1949 - 2003, Vienna) was an extremely gifted and virtuoso draftswoman who deconstructed female stereotypes, applying frequently allusions of surrealist themes in her masterful drawings. Birgit Jürgenssen was deeply captivated by surrealist art and the image of the female body and its metamorphoses, leading to questions of socio-critical discourse. "Her vocabulary of criticism is diverse. Emotions were put down on paper, either directly or in a more distanced way, and always with a wealth of details: macabre and desperate, provocative and aggressive, ironic and subversive." Gabriele Schor, 2010