Non Spinal, 2014

Basel 2015
Chemould Prescott Road
Leather pipes, fiberglass paint
Mithu Sen Non Spinal, 2014 Pickaxe, leather pipes, fiber glass paint Site specific | Unique Variable Mithu Sen stands as a crucial feminist voice in contemporary Indian art. Known for creating sensual, if "grotesque" representations of the  human body, she explores bodily materials such as hair, teeth and bones. This larger than life steel spine like installation is created of pickaxes and leather. The pickaxe is a manual tool widely deployed in construction industries, where the lack of modern technologies is substituted by low-wage labour. The pickaxe was also used as a tool of destruction of a mosque that was the cause of widespread rioting and the breaking down of the social fabric of India in 1992-93. The pickaxe as spine - thus began to denote - both its strength in holding up as also the fragility of falling apart.