'Still Life with Bowl of Fruit', 1907

Miami Beach 2015
Galerie Thomas
Oil on paper on cardboard
49.0 x 54.5 (cm)
19.3 x 21.5 (inch)
Alexej von Jawlensky's "Still-Life with Jug and Apples" of 1907 was painted during a perennial phase of experiments in that genre. Building on the art of Cézanne and Matisse and inspired by the bold colours of van Gogh, this painting, with its elegant structure and radiant colouring, marks a climax among the early still lifes of Jawlensky. Here can be sensually experienced what the artist later records in his "Lebenserinnerungen" (Life reminiscences): "In the still-lifes, I did not seek the material in the object, I wanted to express an inner vibration by means of shape and colour".