Untitled, 10 parts, 1988

Basel 2015
Galerie Vera Munro
Other Materials
209.0 x 120.0 (厘米)
82.3 x 47.2 (吋)
Günther Förg Untitled, 10 parts, 1988 Acrylic on lead on wood Each 57 x 37 cm All 120 x 209 cm In his work Günther Förg reflects art history and pushes it further to create strong individual abstract images. At Art Basel we will show one 10-part lead painting from 1988 among other works. Throughout his career, Förg co-opted various uncommon materials as painting supports - the most notable of which was lead. Using imagery born of abstract painting and minimalism, Förg built upon the work of predecessors, such as Blinky Palermo, and allowed the material to become his vehicle for expression.