It's Raining Today, 2009

Basel 2015
Galerie Vera Munro
Mary Heilmann It's Raining Today, 2009 Oil on canvas 101,6 x 81 cm At first sight, her works appear similar to the tradition of American abstract painting, seeming to follow the trend towards absolute reductionism. Mary Heilmann’s works are non-figurative and clearly informed by a geometric vocabulary. On closer inspection, however, Heilmann’s independence from such movements becomes apparent. Clearly visible brush strokes, a slight distortion of angular shapes, and spots and drips of paint in unexpected places, distance her from her contemporaries in a fashion that is superbly ironic. Considered one of the preeminent contemporary Abstract painters, Mary Heilmann’s practice overlays the analytical geometries of Minimalism with the spontaneous ethos of the Beat Generation and the influences of American pop culture.