Melancholie 1, 2015

Basel 2015
Galerie Vera Munro
Miwa Ogasawara Melancholie 1, 2015 Oil on canvas Diptych 35 x 30 cm 100 x 80 cm During the last years Miwa Ogasawara was able to develop her art of silence. She deepens the skin views by fading the physicality of the body and diffusing empty bowls in her series “Vessel”. They seem to clear away or disappear. She also works in fields of nature and architecture, where one finds both isolation and the feeling of security through her way of using light. The viewer becomes aware how fragile, breakable und loose all the beauty is – an appeal as a refusal to the illusion, nature is submitted by brutal technic, but within art a key step to maturity. At Art Basel we will show a diptych of both her major topics: the motive of curtains and her new series of portraits of women. This work was made in response of Gerhard Richter and Virginia Woolf.