Zip & Cardboard, 2007

Basel 2015
gb agency
Hassan Sharif Zip & Cardboard, 2007 Books and Boxes series Mixed media 73,5 x 58,5 x 7 cm Unique piece In 1982, Sharif Hassan develops ‘Books and Boxes’ series. With simple materials, newspaper, cardboard or burlap, he makes sculptures, which sometimes autobiographical resonances but often the result of gestures and simple and repetitive processing actions. In 1983, Hassan Sharif began his production of ‘Boxes’, first in wood, in which he placed pieces of paper cut products of his mathematical calculations. Its objective is then to trace the development of art in accordance with the artistic idea of Georges Macunias originally Fluxus, which was obsessed with documentation. It passes quickly to cardboard and papier maché: the object becomes for him a base to produce a two-dimensional field governed by the shape of the grid in a systematic approach of world. Hassan Sharif experiments the construction of a narrative based on sign systems. With a beginning and an end, the artist created a visual and spatial extension of short story form.