Press Conference N° 5, 2008

Basel 2015
gb agency
Hassan Sharif Press Conference N° 5, 2008 Oil on canvas                                                                                             200 x 145 x 3cm Unique piece «The concept of ‘Painting’ for me is the process of hiding some areas of the primed surface of canvas from viewer’s eye: I emphasize on word “Making” and intentionally aimed to relate “Making” to “Cultivate” which has inherent relationship with the word “Culture. I’m an Object maker even when I paint, I am making a painting» says Hassan Sharif. The sharp lines and intense scrutiny of this painting is reminiscent of magazine and newspaper caricatures he published in Dubai in the 1970s . As a cartoonist and art writer Hassan Sharif has had a close association with newspapers. But with the serie of the Press Conferences he has explored the subject from a different perspective. «These days everyone seems to be talking about what was said at a press conference. So I decided to create my own narrative and meta-narrative on the subject». The story is colourful paintings tell begins with celebrities , accompanied by body-guards and surrounded by microphones. Gradually the surrounding disapear but the celebrities keep talking.