K, 2015

Basel 2015
MOT International
Elizabeth Price K, 2015 Still of two screen video installation In her films, Elizabeth Price uses the immediacy of infomercial, power- point graphics, commercial branding, and pop music to draw connections between divergent strands of knowledge, where social and art histories are expertly spliced together in viscerally exhilarating narratives. Her most recent installation K builds on the ideas and research explored in
a previous work called SUNLIGHT (2013), which speeds chronologically through an historic archive of thousands of images of the sun taken
from 1875–1945. Photographed in high temperature 'K' light, the images are presented as a staccato animation, a feverishly ticking meter for a narrative told by a self-proclaimed ‘troupe of professional mourners.’ Price similarly revisits a series of photographs taken from hosiery packaging, featuring young women in highly expressive, stylized poses
of fear, dread or despair. They are pictured shielding their eyes; apparently from the camera and/or the sun. In K, these women become the film’s central protagonists.