Untitled - Dinner Tables, 2015

Basel 2015
Platform China
Old Dinner Tables From Ming Dynasty, Wood Block, Steel Bars, Screw etc
383.0 x 173.0 x 133.0 (厘米)
150.8 x 68.1 x 52.4 (吋)
Zhao Zhao Untitled - Dinner Tables, 2015 Installation, wood table Ming Dinasty, iron and metal structure Dinner tables from Ming Dynasty, symbol for “socializing” (a dinner table is where business is dealt and most of family gathering are hosted). In this piece, four dinner tables are piled up one above the other and housed into a crate. Symbol for communication, social interaction and collective gatherings, this work emerge from the exhibition framework to entertain a dialogue with its audience calling up to history, aesthetics and contemporaneity.