Teach, 1998

Basel 2015
Vilma Gold
Charles Atlas Teach, 1992-1998 Single channel video projection, sound 7 mins 47 secs Charles Atlas is renowned for his pioneering work in the fields of video art and dance, using visual choreography to capture the essence of performers and their use of movement. Atlas has created several portraits of the late performance artist / fashion icon Leigh Bowery: the video installation Teach (1998), the short film Mrs. Peanut Visits New York (1999), the multi channel video installation Dizzy Remix at Kun¬stverein Hannover in Germany (September 2008), and the documentary feature The Legend of Leigh Bowery (2002). Teach features Bowery contemplating his reflection in front of a mirror. Reflecting Atlas’ ongoing dfascination with the idea of pose, Bowery is observed experimenting with different stances, expressions, hairstyles and clothing in the mirror whilst wearing a highly exaggerated female bodysuit.