Backdrop. Bed room, 2014

Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle
Goshka Macuga Backdrop. Bed room, 2014 Tapestry Edition 2 of 5 290 x 434 cm Goshka Macuga works cannot be pinned down to a single medium, but rather a method which is connected to thorough research and which, therefore, frequently corresponds to historical and curatorial approaches. Thus, a predominant feature of Goshka Macuga's work is the adoption of  methods normally associated with archiving and museum displays. She detects parallels to her own work in Aby Warburgs way of working, his very unconventional approach, and his examination of the function of the predetermined contents of images. Goshka Macuga is one of the preeminent figures of the artist generation who has generated strong signals in contemporary art by working retrospectively and by analyzing current events. Her tapestries, sculptures, installations, photography, collages, and films often question not only the presentation and production of art, but also curatorial practice, which she has adopted for her own work.