Letras y pirámides, 2015

Basel 2015
Proyectos Monclova
Mixed media on canvas
Federico Herrero Letras y pirámides, 2015 Mixed media on canvas Fabulous beasts is a series of fur coats purchased in and around Berlin dating from 1950-2000. The coats are shaved to remove all traces of fur and to reveal the archaeology of their production including manufacturers stamps, painstaking patchwork detail, dye marks and animal skin diseases and blemishes. The coats are further deconstructed based on the tailoring pattern and reconfigured into flat skins mounted on a stretcher as tokens of a defunct idea of wealth. Reminiscent of anthropological hides and early man’s clothing the works trace the changing nature of taste, value, luxury and society. In their new state the skins appear both primal and luxurious in an age where the deeper knowledge of production history is fetishized as much as the finished products themselves.