MCI / 21-1 f, 2015

Basel 2015
Discarded rubber blanket of offset printing on wood
180.0 x 240.0 Size (cm)
70.9 x 94.5 Size (in)
Like flecks of paint, these refined materials are applied in defined lozenges to form larger compositions comprised of inferred actions—the steps we traverse in our shoes, the mechanical beauty in the repetitive inking of a printing press, the careful consideration of subtle tonal variations in thousands of eggshell fragments, the light of seemingly innumerable, yet quantified, struck matches. By refining and de-contextualizing these discarded objects, de la Mora creates a visual syntax by which to understand the language behind the everyday object, to commune personally with the individual textures, layers, and histories distilled from multitudes of information that paint an impressionistic picture of life as an accumulation of repetitive actions and forgotten moments.