Nest, 1979

Hong Kong 2015
Galerie Hubert Winter
Lambda Estate Print
27.0 x 39.1 (厘米)
10.6 x 15.4 (吋)
"I wanted to show the common prejudices against women, the role models that society ascribed to them, the ones with which I was always confronted - and wanted to depict everyday misunderstandings." Birgit Jürgenssen, 2003 The Austrian Birgit Jürgenssen (1949 - 2003, Vienna) takes the female body to the very limits of decipherability. The staged photograph "Nest" presents a view of Jürgenssens pelvic area covered in silk stockings and lodged in a nest holding two small bird's eggs, a contradiction between sexuality and motherliness. The "Nest" becomes a more than a vague metaphor for female reproduction. The conception of gender, reproduction and domestic home multiplied and ironically broken.