dé-finition/méthode “repeint ("arme chimique 3" 1968) / dépeint ("mise à prix" 1969)", 2010

Basel 2015
Paint on canvas
92.0 x 183.0 (cm)
36.2 x 72.0 (inch)
de-finition/method "repainted (arme chimique 3 1968) / de-painted (mise à prix 1969)" 1995/2010 : a simple diptych: two paintings hung very close together. a canvas from before 1973 is repainted the same color as the wall. to its right, a canvas also from before 1973, de-painted.  before repainting or de-painting them, the original paintings have been photographed in color as well as in black and white. the photographs will not be shown, but will be kept available for consultation.  Photo : Guillaume Ziccarelli Courtesy Galerie Perrotin