Lompat Besar / Big Leap, 2015

Hong Kong 2015
Mizuma Art Gallery
acrylic on canvas
200.0 x 300.0 (cm)
78.7 x 118.1 (inch)
In the last twenty years we have witnessed the outstanding development of technology. The most prominent one, of course, is information technology. Its developmental impact is truly significant, as right now we can see a big leap in quality of life within the history of our lives. It is life in the world of social media. One of the interesting developments of living in this exciting new world is the isolation from the things that seem simple in our closest environment. Embracing the far, neglecting the near. Individuality, or rather alienation, is finding its very own paradise in this world. The massive celebration of self-existence is also having a big impact on the priority scale of consumption, which has shifted from supporting life in the real world, to supporting this so called skin deep existence of our "alter" life in cyberspace. This leads to various actions of cultivating personal images that are often inversely related to the fact. And deceiving ourselves is becoming a regular daily thing. Really?