Il Mio Lavoro (My Work), 1973

Basel 2015
Kadel Willborn
Mixed Media
3 parts, handwriting and drawing on paper
38.4 x 17.6 (cm)
15.1 x 6.9 (inch)
The autobiografical works "Il mio lavoro" (My Work) within the series "Reduzioni" are very particular as they refer to Ketty La Rocca's reflection as female artist and her individual identity as woman. The Reduzioni (around 1972/74) basically consist of photographs serially expanded in graphic and handwritten variations. Contours are drawn by hand with her “Nonsense Text” and the word “you”, all the way to the radical graphic schematisation of the original photograph. Seriality and schematisation, typical features of 1960s Conceptual Art, become a means to express La Rocca's subjective view and at the same time to integrate the gaze from the outside.