Dystopia, a Tribute to Orwell, 2014

Miami Beach 2014
mor charpentier
Other Materials
Acrylic (laser cut), lightboxes with wooden structure
Dystopia, a Tribute to Orwell is a series of lightboxes reproducing fragments of declassified files from the CIA, related to the US intelligence activities in Latin American countries. The archival documents are copied, twisted, and fragmented, following various processes, highlighting the materiality of these elements that contribute to the writing of history. The effect of accumulation and the drawing up of the files evoke the idea of pieces of information as movable datas. In this way, the legible elements become illegible, and the illegible ones, legible. The back light and chiaroscuro effects establish a game or rather a power struggle between the politicians’ utopian discourses and the effective dystopian actions, witnessed by the archival files, and evoked in the field of fiction by George Orwell’s 1984.