Untitled (Relations II), 2014

Basel 2015
Georg Kargl Fine Arts
Mixed Media
Inkjet print and Pantone colour print on paper, mounted on book binder's cloth
Artwork size
194.0 x 134.0 (厘米)
76.4 x 52.8 (吋)
The Brazilian artist Inés Lombardi (born in 1958) sets the media photography, video, and sculpture in a permanent, structural relationship to one another and interrogates the parameters that constitute perception. In order to explore the process of constant change, she transforms certains aspekts of previews works, presenting them in new situations. In her most recent solo exhibition “transient stage” Inés Lombardi developed her contribution for the Biennial in Cartagena, Kolumbia (2014) further. The base material for her current artistic exploration is provided by layers of color found in the residence of Olivo Gomes in Sao Paulo 8built 1950 by Rino Levi), which were brought to light through the archeological chromatic prospection of the Brazilian Agency of Historic Preservation. Tiny, barely perceivable displacements of color tone – arising through overpainting and the passage of time – make visible the process of continual transformation. These 54 color tones Inés Lombardi contrasts with details of photographs from glass panes, in which reflections of the inside and the outside of the residence merge fluidly together. Inés Lombardi took part at the 1st Biennial in Cartagena, Columbia and her works were on view at Georg Kargl Fine Arts (2014), Secession Vienna (2011), New York Universities at 80 WSE gallery, NY (2013), Belvedere, Vienna (2012), Neue Galerie Graz (2008), Fotomuseum Winterthur (2006), Forum Maison Hermès, Tokyo (2005), The National Museum of Art (2001), Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Vienna/Palais Liechtenstein (1995) and at the 23rd Biennial São Paulo.