Sunlight I, 2015

Miami Beach 2015
Arredondo \ Arozarena
Metal and wood
240.0 x 600.0 x 380.0 (cm)
94.5 x 236.2 x 149.6 (inch)
“Sunlight I” responds to two main themes in Francisco Ugarte’s work: contemplation (understood as the capacity of human beings to, through profound attention, be amazed by everyday things) and specificity (one of Ugarte's most important element for his creative process, explained as the work responding to its surroundings). The site-specific sculpture responds to the sun’s trajectory and position from December 2nd to the 7th, 2015 at Collins Park. It consists of eleven wooden pyramids, responding each to a specific time: the first corresponds to the time when the sun rises (7:15am), the second to 8:15am successively until 5:15pm when the sun sets. The triangle that corresponds to 7:15am will cast no shadow for a few seconds when the clock strikes 7:15am, and so on. With the sun’s movement elevation and azimuth, the light’s proyective geometry can be calculated and played with to create different volumes that preserve the original geometry of the work.