Elevation No.2, 2013

Miami Beach 2015
Beijing Art Now Gallery
Acrylic on canvas Ultra-Giclee art print
1000.0 x 1000.0 x 1500.0 Size (cm)
393.7 x 393.7 x 590.6 Size (in)
Elevation No.2 challenges the traditional display methods of easel paintings, as well as the expectations of the audience. These double-sided paintings and their means of hanging are an ecstatic vision that steers the audience’s focus to the reverse side of the canvas and encourages them to contemplate,or even guess, the relationship between the original and the replica. From the perspective of paintings, this work places originals and replicas on the same level, and reminds audiences to reflect upon their value and the contemporary age of reproduction. The installation can be complex and disorientating with multiple planar spaces and an intense and confusing balance between space, speed and placement. Every painting is intentionally designed to trigger doubt and contemplation.