Names, 2015

Miami Beach 2015
Kalfayan Galleries
engraved marble slab
Artwork size
149.0 x 200.0 x 2.0 (厘米)
58.7 x 78.7 x 0.8 (吋)
Courtesy the artist and Kalfayan Galleries, Athens - Thessaloniki. At NOVA Adrian Paci presents an installation with a film, works on paper and marble works. Focal point are new works from the artist’s ongoing project titled ‘Names’, specifically created for Art Basel Miami Beach. Starting in 2014 Kalfayan Galleries has acted as an ‘agency’ in the collection of names of Albanian immigrants in Greece who have changed their names and substituted them with Greek ones. Paci brings the visitor in confrontation with the results of this process in the form of marble sculptural pieces which resemble gravestones and bear inscriptions of the Albanian names. At Art Basel Miami Beach the artist presents new marble works, individual sculptural pieces, as a result of the ongoing collection of names by the gallery. Furthermore, for the first time, the artist is presenting a wall piece consisting of the sheets of paper which bear the handwritten names of the immigrants. The installation addresses core issues of Paci’s work such as migration, displacement and disconnection, cultural and ethnical identity, while it aspires to act as a highly personal gesture that creates a space of reflection through personal and emotional involvement of real people.