Farbprobe (Colour Study), 1986

Hong Kong 2016
Galerie Thomas
oil and gouache on canvas
50.0 x 40.0 Size (cm)
19.7 x 15.7 Size (in)
signed on the canvas overlap. "It is the process in itself that interests me. The painting is not really necessary. The unforeseeable turns out to be most interesting" Sigmar Polke In the so-called colour studies, Sigmar Polke tried out different mixtures and thinners of colours and the use of additional material. The materials and techniques he used, such as blood meal, iron mica, synthetic seal or graphite in alcohol varnish, he often noted on the paintings. These abstract compositions, which he usually executed on canvas, but in somewhat smaller format as his other paintings, hold their own as self-contained works of art. It is specifically the spontaneity and unintentionality, with which they were created, that makes them so interesting. Polke often left his painting standing around the studio for years to see what would happen to the colours. Excerpt from: Erhard Kleine, Farbproben - Materialversuche - Probierbilder, Cologne 1999