Pushed into a corner by the logic of my own making - Dunwich Air, 2012

Hong Kong 2016
gb agency
Two photos within two sheets of perspex framed
105.0 x 86.0 x 3.5 Size (cm)
41.3 x 33.9 x 1.4 Size (in)
Two sheets of perspex framed in a white, wooden frame. Mounted on the back panel of perspex are two photos -one an image of air from Dunwich sealed within a bell jar the other an essay by the artist about the object in the image. Mount board is placed over the back piece of perspex with two window mounts cut in that act as apertures to view and crop the photos. The area behind the framed work is painted a spot colour chosen from the image. The wall is visible behind the work through the window mounts and the perspex.