Shadow of the Ancestors, 2015

Hong Kong 2016
Chemould Prescott Road
Single channel with sound
3.0 x 36.0 (cm)
1.2 x 14.2 (inch)
Gigi Scaria’s ‘In Search of A Mountain’ is part of a suite of paintings, graphite drawings and animation videos from his latest exhibition, The Ark, at Chemould Prescott Road in October 2015. It resonates with one of the world’s oldest and grandest myths: the Flood. The Biblical account of the Flood dramatizes the vexed relationship between humankind and nature. An angered God inflicts a cosmic catastrophe on the earth. Forewarned, Noah survives, with his family and various animal and plant species he has herded into a fragile sanctuary, a ship that floats through the planet-drowning deluge. This mountain is a metaphor for the salvation that humanity is looking for but not finding.