Still hot, and appearing strange, 1938

Basel 2016
Galerie Thomas
pastel on burlap, mounted on canvas
Artwork size
40.5 x 49.5 (厘米)
15.9 x 19.5 (吋)
Verso attached strip, cut from the original thin cardboard mount, titled, dated and inscribed 'T 10'. After Klee had emigrated to Bern, Switzerland in1934, due to the mounting pressure on artists in Germany, he soon received another blow: he had sclerodermia, an incurable illness which restricts movement - of the hands as well as the other limbs. But Klee soon reacted to this diagnosis with an increased artistic output. In 1938 he created 489 works, 1253 works in 1939. He broke up the strict rhythms which had dominated his works until then and set carefully balanced shapes against each other. Klee returned to the beginnings, he reduced the representation to the essential and somewhat blurred the contours. He also used the characteristic of burlap to soak up colour, by applying more or less paint, leaving the fabric more or less visible. The shapes are cut off by the edge of the fabric, the colouring gives the whole a "nightly" impression. The title - humorous as always - is not easily related to the picture, making it even more mysterious.