Rainy May, 1976 - 1976

Hong Kong 2016
Galerie Thomas
Mixed Media
fire gouache on firm cardboard
Artwork size
67.5 x 48.0 (厘米)
26.6 x 18.9 (吋)
Signed and dated lower right, titled lower left. In 1957, Otto Piene founded the artist group ZERO together with Heinz Mack. It was to be a countermovement to gestural art and the Informel, which was predominant at the time. ZERO replaced Abstract Expressionism with an artistic language that was reduced and controlled. Consistently concerned with the themes of light, movement and space, Piene from 1959 onwards created ballets of light and used smoke and fire in his works, which reference the elementary energies of nature. He continued creating his smoke and fire pictures until his death, the traces of fire and smoke are crucial elements of his works.