Lampedusa, 2008

Hong Kong 2016
Mehdi Chouakri
Mixed media on canvas
Artwork size
300.0 x 800.0 (cm)
118.1 x 315.0 (inch)
John Armleder, born in 1948, uses form quotes in his painting to discuss the semantic shift of once radical avant-garde concepts and techniques in the era of post-moderism. Being part of the Neo-Geo movement in the early 1980's, Armleder surprised the art world shortly thereafter with gesticalular paintings in the style of American artist Larry Poons (1912-1962). In his Pour Paintings Armleder pours different kinds of colours and lacquers onto a tilted canvas, utilizing a mixture of coincidence and control that refers to abstract expressionism while neglecting its underlying existentialist content.