Boxing Painting, 2009

Hong Kong 2016
Taka Ishii Gallery
Acrylic paint on canvas
243.0 x 609.6 (cm)
95.7 x 240.0 (inch)
Boxing Painting is one of Shinohara’s prominent series of work in which he dipped boxing gloves in sumi ink or acrylic paint and punched the canvas or paper in order to splatter it with pigment. This action painting is closely linked to vanguard artists who by 1960 had departed from the Art Informel mode of painting, leading to the conception of the Anti-Art movement in Japan. Shinohara created his first Boxing Painting in 1960 in Tokyo. In the spring of 1961, the American photographer William Klein took shots of Shinohara during his Boxing Painting performance. The image is included in Klein’s photobook "Tokyo" (1964).