'I want to love you', 2016

Hong Kong 2016
Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery
acrylic, faceted rhodolite garnet, carnelian faceted nugget on french linen
180.0 x 240.0 (cm)
70.9 x 94.5 (inch)
Del Kathryn Barton’s detailed and vibrant paintings explore the symbolic language of femininity, interweaving references to traditional folklore and the cosmos. Barton’s practice is grounded in self-referentiality, drawing from a euphoric, emotional inner world. Charged and voluminous, Barton’s recent work 'I want to love you' (2016) is of a new direction. Unlike previous figurative depictions, 'I want to love you' (2016) portrays a pulsing connectivity, as webbed forms swell with luminous colour over a dark expanse. The recurrence of these symbolic structures mark a recent development in Barton’s work, which is emblematic of the primordial thread that constructs her unique universe.