Behold the Asian: How One Becomes What One Is, 1999

Hong Kong 2016
Chi-Wen Gallery
16mm Film, 15min
In Behold the Asian: How One Becomes What One Is, a prophecy of Asian world domination is delivered in the Nietzschean vocabulary that alludes to Nazi ideology. In this video, an Asian-American, played by the artist himself, walks to Death Valley and his end, which encourages our reflection about the identity politics for everyone and no one. The work won the Golden Gate Award at the 2000 San Francisco International Film Festival, had its European premiere at the 2000 Rotterdam International Film Festival. This film will be displayed on a screen by a 16mm film projector.

Synopsis: Identity politics for everyone and no one.

Year of Production: 1999-2000 | Production Format: 16mm film | Language: English | Length: 15 minutes

James T. Hong(b.1970) discontinued his Ph.D. program in philosophy at the University of Illinois and studied filmmaking at the University of Southern California. He has recently participated in many important international exhibitions and film festivals, such as “Traversing the Phantasm”, Forum Expanded at 66th Berlin Film Festival (Germany, 2016), “A Journal of the Plague Year”, (Para/Site, HK, 2013), The Berlin International Film Festival (Germany, 2013), "Connecting the Dots: The Evolution Will Be Social", The Online Biennial (2013), "Modern Monsters Death and Life of Fiction”, Taipei Biennial (2012), International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (NL, 2008, 2012), and the International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL, 2001, 2007, 2008, and 2011), Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival (2005), Taiwan International Documentary Festival (2004). Several of his films have received awards and grants, including Behold the Asia: How One Becomes What One Is (2000), Die Entnazifizierung des MH (2006), and Lessons of the Blood (2010). In 2008, Hong was a guest of the Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD. His recent articles are published in e- flux Journal and the Taipei Times. Hong currently lives and works in the USA and Taiwan.