The Shortcut to the Systematic Life I, II, III, 2002 - 2005

Hong Kong 2016
Chi-Wen Gallery
Action Video, Three-channel Video, 10min 1sec, 4min 24sec, 7min 50sec
Shot in London and Taipei, Shortcut to the Systematic Life 2002–2005 presents a series of intentional misunderstandings of urban architectures – specifically, those that prescribe where and when to walk, work, exercise or play. Tsui presents 'Humerous' takes on the changing city and what it means to live there.

The Shortcut to the Systematic Life I : Superficial Life (2002), 10min 1sec
Extending from the series of Eighteen Copper Guardians in Shaolin Temple and The Shortcut to the Systematic Life I : Superficial Life (2002) Penetration, Tusi Kuang-Yu transforms the idea of the biological term on mimicry into systematic adaptation and measurement toward various life circumstances in this work. To change one’s outfit according to the outside environment is like a chameleon-like camouflage, and it is also the shortcut to penetrate different living circles. The work connotes the absurdity of reflection on reality, and mock on the schizophrenia caused by the changes of living environment.

The Shortcut to the Systematic Life II : I Am Fine. I Don’t Get Wet (2002), 4min 24sec
Here the idea of ‘mimicry’ becomes the absolute reliance and insistence on the value of appearance — including waterproof quality. To fit into the heavy raining climate in Taiwan, Tsui Kuang-Yu custom-made a few raincoats in formal dress styles. They provide not only practical but also good-looking waterproof surface membranes. One could be totally soaked and wet, yet still maintain a completed and decent appearance.

The Shortcut to the Systematic Life III : City Spirits (2005), 7min 50sec
In this work, developed during a residency at Gasworks, London, Tsui Kuang-Yu explores the social dynamics of urban spaces in a series of actions that test and subvert the invisible norms that govern our use of public spaces. The artist was using a series of actions to re-discover and re-present the city from a different perspective, one that absurdly challenges the use of spaces and makes us think about how we deal with them.

Tsui Kuang-Yu (b.1974) currently lives and works in Taipei. He has been trying to respond to the adaptation relation between human and the society from a biological point of view. He also attempts to redefine or question the matrix of the institution we inhabit through different actions and experiments that ignore the accustomed norm. In doing so, the artist has developed new means to adapt to the environment and redefine reality. His action can be regarded as a medium, or a parameter, to gauge social tolerance. Also an attempt to show relationships in the present institution and the relation between man and his environment, His repetitive body experiments accent the absurdity of the social values and reality that people have grown accustomed to.

He has participated in major international shows such as "The Spectre of Freedom", 51 International Art Exhibition-La Biennale di Venezia, Palazzo delle Prigioni, Venice, Italy (2005), Liverpool Biennial 2006 : International 06, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK (2006), "The Rencontres Internationales Paris / Berlin", Centre Georges Pompidou, National Museum Jeu de Paume, French Cinematheque, Paris, France (2006), "Thermocline of Art - New Asian Waves", ZKM Center for Art and Media, Germany (2007), "Streetwise", Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain (2008), "Biennial Cuvée", OK Centrum, Linz, Austria (2008), "Time Crevasse", Yokohama Triennial 2008, Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) Kitakyushu, Yokohama, Japan (2008), "The View from Elsewhere", Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Sydney, Gallery of Modern Art, and the Cinematheque, Brisbane, Australia (2009), "Extra / Ordinary : Video Art from Asia", Spencer Museum of Art, Kansas, US (2009), "ILLUSIONISMO", CaixaForum Madrid, Lleida, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Spain (2010).