Anonymity, 2004 - 2012

Hong Kong 2016
Other Materials
chromogenic transparency, lightbox
54.9 x 44.9 x 3.5 (cm)
21.6 x 17.7 x 1.4 (inch)
Series of 7 "The work is comprised of photographic images displayed with an array of light-boxes. In creating the images, I enlisted the participation of friends, acquaintances, and strangers to pose with a circular mirror held in front of their faces, reflecting the blinding glare of the sun directly towards the camera lens. The heads of these ‘subjects’ exploded in a corona of light, with their clothes, bearings, and background settings as the only legible markers of who they might be. In this, I place attention to the ‘background’ or ‘field of forces’ that configure the encountered Other - marking the subject at the same time it places it under erasure. I’m interested in turning exploding the punctum of the face as the place of recognition into a vanishing point, the very place where identity slips free of reductive representation and 'selfhood' becomes an ever-open term." - Poklong Anading/Jose Perez Beduya