Untitled, 2015

Hong Kong 2016
Kalfayan Galleries
Mixed Media
gold leaf and silkscreen on canvas
79.0 x 53.5 Size (cm)
31.1 x 21.1 Size (in)
This new series of abstract works are based on photographs made of a series of installations consisting of variously sized and shaped mirrors that he assembled in his studio. These were photographed, printed and re-photographed many times and this process was continued until the reflective qualities of the mirror were exhausted. As a symbol, the mirror can be found in many traditions, as in the myth of Narcissus who drowned in his own reflection, signifying the fall of the soul from the divine realm to the material one, from higher consciousness to lower being. Neoplatonism held that the human soul is a mirror in which Divine Beauty is reflected and is related to the idea of purification. In photographing the mirrors, Tsagaris has used his iPhone, a contemporary mirror of our ego. Throughout his work, Tsagaris aims for the purification of the self and our collective being.