Father 1927.12.03 - 2010.08.27”, at eight o'clock fifty-one minutes and fifteen seconds, 2015

Hong Kong 2016
A Thousand Plateaus Art Space
Archival Pigment Print with Pencil Writing
107.8 x 106.6 (cm)
42.4 x 42.0 (inch)
Li Lang is one of the most important artists in China's new photography. His works have been collected by many art museums including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Li Lang's photography concerns the lifestyle of the local multi-ethnic integration in Sichuan Province, as well as the local people's daily life. However, in his new works, he returns to the private feelings and memories about the passage of time and life. Before his father's death, he took photos of his father’s daily life. After his father died, it took him three years to write every date of his father’s life on the photos as a silent nostalgia for his father’s life. We will present one of these photography artworks “Father 1927.12.03-2010.08.27” at eight o'clock fifty-one minutes and fifteen seconds at Art Basel 2016.