Sound Dots, 2010

Hong Kong 2016
Project Fulfill Art Space
150.0 x 750.0 x 200.0 (cm)
59.1 x 295.3 x 78.7 (inch)
"Sound Dots" sound installation delivers the message that addresses the relationship of contemporary life and computing machines. Through the tapping and hammering, our ancestors mimic the sound of the nature and using the rhythm as a way of communication. Now in the information technology era, we use 0 and 1 to deal with and to transmit all the data. Through switching light on and off, we sense the image and receive the message. The composition of 0 and 1 transforms the way of sound creation, that sound is composed by switching sound on and off. As the concrete music is composed by millions of notes, the sound installation is created by different volume of sound layers which randomly composed of countless sound dots. The vibration in the air transmitting flow of our sense in this technology era, it sounds like the wind blow through the woods. "Sound Dots" is composed by hundreds of speakers with different frequency from each speaker. Overall in this project you can hear a variety of sound creation. It's composed millions of different volume and rhythm of sound dots into sound flowing, which transmitting into our sub-consciousness.