Since there is a dream, 2015

Hong Kong 2016
Blindspot Gallery
Archival inkjet print, clock
Artwork size
110.0 x 350.0 x 4.8 (cm)
43.3 x 137.8 x 1.9 (inch)
Since there is a dream presents fragments of a physical, social and cultural landscape that shifts and blurs in the mind of the mass as well as the artist. A photograph of a Tiananmen Square replica, taken by Zhang in his hometown, was installed onto souvenir wall clocks made for two long-time popular CCTV shows. The installation evokes many Chinese people’s dreams of grandeur that are symbolised by appearing on TV or having a photograph of themselves taken at Tiananmen Square. While these dreams have lost some of their glory through the eras, Zhang’s work highlights the remnants of such dreams that many Chinese still hold on to and their essential fakeness.