Singing, 2014 - 2016

Hong Kong 2016
A Thousand Plateaus Art Space
Four Channel HQ Video
Chen Qiulin, Singing, Four Channel HQ Video, 6’22” ,2014-2016, Ed.3+2AP/// Chen Qiulin is one outstanding representative of the younger generation of Chinese artists. Her work often concerns about the marginalized populations and cultures in China's urbanization process. She combines a variety of medias including video, photography and installations with her sensitive experience and thinking. "Another day" came from her study of the women's life condition in the southeastern mountain of Guizhou Province, where women are not only completely abandoned by modern life, but also subject to local traditions. They cannot enjoy equal status with men even in family life. Thus beds become their only privacy and free space. Chen Qiulin’s work consists of two parts, one is an installation with a bed as the main part; the other one is a video work and photography works with the local women as the protagonist. In this work, she makes recording and meditation coexist, to present the neglected ancient Chinese culture and the life which have been marginalized and stereotyped in the context of global cultures. Countless corners like this constitute the most marginalized but at the same time very important part of Chinese cultural reality.