Intimate Evolution, 2014 - 2015

Hong Kong 2016
Pékin Fine Arts
Powder-coated steel, mirror-polished stainless steel
Intimate Evolution juxtaposes three sculpture works: CraterBlue, RockStoneRed, and RockTripleFusionVertical to create a series that focuses on abstract motifs closely connected to organically occurring shapes and forms found in the natural universe. Levy’s sculptures emerge from the process of distilling the microscopic details of a stone’s granular surface; a multi-cell vortex that generates endless formations of detail and micro spaces. RockStoneRed is in dialog between man and nature. Its scale, slightly larger than human size, suggests the relation between monumentality and authority. The verticality of the RockTripleFusionVertical extends the artist’s on-going dialog with natural processes or forces. Each rock surface has its unique gravity, refraction and reflection. Its visual weight creates tension and gives dynamic qualities to the movement or speed of the frozen moment. 《Intimate Evolution》把三件不同的雕塑作品 ──《CraterBlue》、RockStoneRed》和《RockTripleFusionVertical》並排,用意是探索宇宙中 抽象圖案與天然非對稱形狀的緊密關係。Levy 的雕塑源於他對岩石夥粒狀 表面上的微觀細節的過濾歷程,當中形成的多細胞渦旋,產生無窮無盡的 細微空間。 RockStoneRed》雕塑處於人類與自然的對話之中。作品的比例稍大於人 體,暗示龐大體積與權勢之間的關係。《RockTripleFusionVertical》的垂直 狀態則延續了藝術家與自然進程或自然力量的持續對話。每塊岩面都有獨 特的重心、折射與反射。其視覺上的重量形成一種張力,並為凝固之瞬間 的動向或速度賦予了動態性質。