Building (Eating) Empire, 2016

Hong Kong 2016
Galerie Nathalie Obadia
Belgian linen, Alucobond, wire, wood, rope, sandbags, neon
Building (Eating) Empire is a stage-like installation immersing the viewer in a complex mise-en-scène converged from parallel dimensions. Brook Andrew’s aim is to offer alternate histories to the dominant narratives that often mute the narratives of subjugated peoples and cultures. The six components of Building (Eating) Empire emerge and dissipate as the viewer walks around them, or as the works themselves turn in space. The images have been selected by the artist from a personal collection that includes postcards and press photographs gathered during his travels around the world. Figures screen-printed on foiled Belgian linen disappear and reappear as light moves over the surface. In this way, figures, like histories, reappear and disappear like memories or contested histories. 《建築(吞噬)帝國》的設置猶如一個舞台,讓觀眾沉醉於一個複雜的裝置 與平行空間的交匯中。許多人和文化的敘述往往被時間制約,而布魯克·安 德魯的目的就是提供一些交替出現的歷史去支配這些敘述。 作品的六個組成部份隨著觀者的走動或作品自身在空間中的旋轉,而漸次浮 現與消逝。這些圖像是藝術家從旅行中收集到的明信片與報刊照片選取而 來。圖形印刷在箔質的比利時亞麻上,使圖像隨著光線在表面上移動而時隱 時現。透過這種方式,圖形就像是歷史,如同記憶或有爭議的歷史般重現及 消失。